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Tien Tien Customized Stainless Steel Lok Lok Stall

Tien Tien Customized Stainless Steel Lok Lok Stall

Lok Lok Stall Customized

Due to the increasing pubs and night markets popping in Klang Valley, the demand for our lok lok stall also increased. When client approached us for a customized lok lok stall design, we understood that the future stall will be used in outdoor area. As professional commercial kitchen equipment supplier, special care were taken into the stage of material selection such as special wheels and materials that are suitable for long term outdoor use.


Client is also looking for a built in fried corner onto his lok lok stall. Therefore, we quickly came out with the blueprint of the design and customer added a few personal touches to his final lok lok stall such as customized ice holder on his lok lok display steps. 20180705101548_IMG_3517.JPG

Besides, client also requested for a  higher signboard so his customer able to notice his stall from far for higher visibility of his lok lok stall from afar. We also make sure signboard is made of stainless steel inside out, including the inner part of the signboard frame so it could withstand all sort of tropical weather regardless rain or shine.

High quality stainless steel signage

The final product of our lok lok stall includes 3 additional lighting, stainless steel signage, additional frying pot and one flexible table. Lastly, the entire project took us about 10days to complete upon confirmation. Our customer were very happy at the final design. The stainless steel lok lok stall is now hapilly stationed at Kuchai Lama.

Customized stainless steel lok lok stall tien tien malaysia

If you are interested to browse more quality stainless steel lok lok stall design by TIEN TIEN kitchen equipment, it can be found at the following link Alternatively, if you would like a consultation for your lok lok stall for free, kindly call 013-9813083 Melissa for further assistance. 

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