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AKIE Burger Stall Project

AKIE Burger Stall Project

With the long term battle with Covid19 pandemic across the globe, has left many professionals from different walks of life unemployed. As we have seen, many professionals has dipped their hands into street foods. The simple set up, low budget business operation on the street and low manpower (1 vendor with an optional helper) has become the easiest alternatives for many young Malaysian adults. 



The tourism industry takes the biggest hit, and therefore these high-flyers were amongst the first to occupy the street scenes. Credit:

Despite the pandemic, the snacking and supper cultures remained strong as Malaysian favourite past-time. In line with government initiative to support these young operators Malaysia, TIEN TIEN KITCHEN EQUIPMENT has joined hands with AKIE BURGER MALAYSIA to aid these burger vendors and young Malaysians to create some of the most convenient and ergonomic stainless steel burger stall. 


Some of improvement that we done including an immersive consumer experience in witnessing how their burger patties were prepared. This experience allow customer to witness how their favorite burgers were constructed from And also, thicker stainless steel material were also used in the construction of the new stainless steel burger stall. Bringing the kitchen outdoors, without compromising the vendor's and also customer experience was what we try to achieve in this new design.


Our team, doing final check of the units, prior to delivery of the stainless steel burger stall to the streets

With the tight timeline given to us to fabricate the newly improvised burger stall is not easy at all. However, for the benefit of getting these stainless steel burger stall as quick as possible on the streets, our fabrication team at TIEN TIEN KITCHEN EQUIPMENT, worked tireless to get the orders done, without compromising the quality of the final hawker stall.

Here's the final video of our production, and if you too, have a great design in mind, would like to engage us, do contact us now! Look no further for fully made in Malaysia quality stainless steel burger stall. (Melly)

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