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Stainless Steel Fabrication (All)



Our Quality

Our custom made stainless steel fabrication series are locally manufactured in our factory, Malaysia. Products such as stainless steel seafood display showcase, stainless steel ice bin, stainless steel mee stall designs are designed in such a way that fits to our customer’s working ergonomics and demand. Each measurement and every corner of our stainless steel fabrication by Tien Tien Kitchen Equipment are customized in such a way that produces smooth workflow in the kitchen for every chef. In addition to that, unlike commercialized factory, we employ traditional hand-welding technique by professional welders. Each and every joint is specially curated for its joints’ strengths and durability for kitchen use. Therefore, all stainless steel kitchen equipment produced by Tien Tien Kitchen Equipment is durable and able to sustain prolonged use in the kitchen.

Tien-Tien-Staff6.jpgCustom Made Stainless Steel Project in Malaysia

Not only that, we are also able to provide custom made stainless steel product as per your requirements based on your existing kitchen layout design. Our experienced team would advice how a kitchen layout design would be most affordable and yet produce an efficient workflow. Prior to commencing of work, we will send you a finished AutoCad drawing, to ensure clear communication amongst your site contractor, plumber and electrician. We have high end CNC machines and experienced team ready to produce quality and customized stainless steel fabrication to meet our customer requirements. With our own production facilities, our customer enjoy custom made stainless steel fabrication product at an affordable price and also minimizes the miscommunication of requirement and measurements by a middle man. Therefore, Tien Tien Kitchen Equipment provide a complete and best custom made stainless steel fabrication solution in Malaysia.