Tien Tien is a restaurant and commercial kitchen cooking equipment supplier in Malaysia. We supply high quality restaurant and commercial kitchen cooking equipment. Browse now!
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Our business principle is to enlarge our customers business potential rather than to figure out how much we can earn from our customers. We believe that true profit comes only if our customer gains money from the deal; in a win-win situation. We are always trying our best to offer the best service to our customers, and they know that TIEN TIEN KITCHEN EQUIPMENT is a responsible company, where we walk the talk.



In addition to having consultants and designers on staff, our average sales specialist has at least 10 years of industry experience. These well trained individuals are "problem solvers" not just sales people. Hence we welcome projects. We have a special team to help you to manage the whole procedure, including free consulting ,free CAD design and even installation if it is neccessary. We have made quite a few successful projects in the past 20 years in kitchen equipment business.


On an apples for apples basis, our prices are in most cases the lowest in town. Please inform us, if you have found prices cheaper than us, we are open to matching a lower price. Remember, we sell quality equipment.


All our products come with 1 year warranty. With some brands, we include exclusive extended warranties. Should the kitchen equipment you purchase is within the warranty coverage, we will supply spare parts for free.



Should we not find a solution to your needs within our office database of over 300 products, we can custom build to suit your requirements.