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Ice Maker


Quick Beat Ice Maker

QuickBeat Ice Maker is the commercial ice maker machine manufacture in Malaysia, slowly making its way to many local food and beverage industry in Malaysia. QuickBeat ice making machine was created with the notion to reduce the cost of owning ice maker machine while producing quality ice maker machine in Malaysia. In the past, local restaurant owner only have the choice to self produce his own ice or engage an ice truck to deliver ice on daily basis. Of course, getting an ice truck will be the most convenient option, even the cost to purchase a bag of ice is more expensive than the self-produce option.

QuickBeat Ice Maker aim is to bridge the gap of cost effective method of self-producing ice and the convenience of ice truck. Today, QuickBeat ice making machine has become an affordable ice maker option in Malaysia as compared to other international brands without compromising its quality and promise to our customer.

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