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TIEN TIEN Stainless Steel Table Top Bain Marie c/w Glass Overshelf SS/BM Series (SS030)

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ModelDimension (WxDxH)Total Food Pan (Full Size)
XSS/BM0848'' X 16'' X 9'' + 28''
XSS/BM0560'' X 30'' X 8'' + 28''
XSS/BM0672'' X 30'' X 8'' + 28''
XSS/BM0784'' X 30'' X 8'' + 28''

Elegant bain marie or hot food display area manufactured by Tien Tien Kitchen Equipment. This unit is suitable to placed in area that has a fixed counter top or require the bain marie to be easily dismantled or mobile. 


  1. Adjustable heater up to 120C
  2. Light indicator for heater
  3. Stop cork for water outlet
  4. Additional glass overshelf to display more food choices

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