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SS/OT20 TIEN TIEN Stainless Steel Lok Lok Stall (SS033) SS/OT

RM 2,680.00


Stock Code: SS/OT20

Dimension: 60" x 30"+12"(Front)  x 32"+16'' 

This is the most basic form of lok lok stall suitable for startups or client with tight budget.

Elegant design to display your lobak or lok lok item. 

Complete with two soup boiler and 6 sauce place holder.

We are able to customized lok lok or lobak stall according to your budget / needs. 

Easily covert into Lobak Stall

Mobile and convinient!

Made with Stainless Steel SUS430 + SUS304

100% Made in Malaysia

100% Handwelded product

Remember to ask for the bundle price if you intend to buy more than 1 item

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