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RM 4,800.00


Power1/2 HP / 0.373 kW
Electrical specification115/60/1 or 220/50/60/1
Knife specifications1720 RPM (Blade speed) / 200mm diameter x 2.3mm
Net weight51.71 lbs (23 kg)
Shipping weight55.12 lbs (25 kg)

The PC-1 Tabletop Poultry Cutter offers the standard features of more
expensive poultry cutters suitable for use in restaurants, produce markets,
or other food processing applications. This unit can be used for cutting fish,
rabbit or other similar products efficiently and economically.
With a stainless base, guide bar, and a German-made chrome steel blade,
the PC-1 is sanitary and easy to clean.
The PC-1 will help to minimize waste. No tearing of the skin during
processing and the ease of operation and cleaning will result in product
consistency and high volume output.
Model PC-1SS features a fully stainless steel body, base, knife cover, knife
protector and knife guide.
Its fully stainless steel construction makes it highly corrosion resistant and
very easy to clean.

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