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Table Top Mixer (7L) (BK021)

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Features of Table Top Mixer (7L)

Unique product overall design, using high-quality plastic shell, scientific and rational design, high-speed operation is very smooth, no jitter, 800w powerful motor, easy and convenient automatic rise design, low noise belt drive and longer life, the appearance of new, nice shape. Mainly apply to hotels, restaurants, cake room, family and whipped eggs.

Quality assurance of quality products is the core component of the motor and the PWM controller all the independent production, advanced production and testing equipment to ensure that each component is fully compliant with the required precision. Companies in the market continues to expand at the same time, pay more attention to the intrinsic quality and appearance of products, pay more attention to everything from the user's needs, and constantly improve and enhance product reliability, stability and usability, the travel industry's production is the company's top product always pursue the goal!

Technical Parameters:

Voltage: 220V 50HZ

Power: 800W

Stirrer speed: 350 r / min

Bowl Capacity: 7L

Machine size: 410 × 205 × 375mm

Packing size: 480 * 270 * 410mm

Weight: 13Kg

GW: 15Kg



1, Prior using, clean container and stirrer, read the manual, to master the correct method to use.

2, note the use of the machine and then do not let the children away.

3, finger away from components and assemblies required components are working.

4, installation, disassembly, cleaning, be sure to cut off power supply replacement parts.

5. Never use a faulty machine, do not use non-original accessories.

6 Do not use more than the specified maximum capacity.

7, the machine voltage is 220V, 50Hz power supply, three-phase socket outlet must have a reliable ground.

8, be sure to unplug it after use, turn off the power.



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