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Stir-Fry Ice Cream Maker

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Features of Stir Fry Ice Cream Maker

Stir fry ice cream machines are high quality and affordable, very easy and simple to operate. 

prepare the ice cream ingredients 
(you can use some milk, ice cream powder, various kinds of fruits, then use blender to mix them); 

turn on the machine, wait about two minutes till the pan become cold, then pour the ice cream ingredients onto the pan; 

you can fry the ice cream on the pan, during this procress, you can add some fruits, chocolate, crushed little sugar on the fry ice cream, in order to make it more attractive and delicious; 

you can use an ice cream scoop to fill the ice cream into the ice cream cup. 

Fry ice cream machine is sure a good tool for you to brighten your food service business!



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