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SS/FS08 TIEN TIEN 42" Stainless Steel Fish Display Case with Sliding Cover (Double Insulated) (SS049)

RM 1,080.00 RM 1,380.00

Model: SS/FS01



Dimension: 42'' X 24'' X 32'' 


  • clear & hygenic display
  • stainless steel double layer foam
  • adjustable stainless steel bullet feet
  • portable & easy to transport
  • customizable size

FISH SHOWCASE WITH GLASS SLIDING TOP  TIEN TIEN KITCHEN EQUIPMENT merupakan tempat pameran ikan menarik stainless steel untuk mini market, pasar borong dan supermarket ataupun peniaga kecil ikan bakar. Lubang outlet air disediakan untuk memudahkan atas lebur. Tahan sejuk kerana kami menyediakan dua lapisan untuk menebat haba. Body stainless steel, bersih, tahan lama dan praktikal. Saiz boleh diubah suai mengikut kesesuaian anda. Hubungi kami hari ini untuk maklumat lanjut!

TIEN TIEN KITCHEN EQUIPMENT FISH SHOWCASE WITH SLIDING TOP is suitable for every fish market, mini market, or fish wholeseller, roadside "ikan bakar" seller favourite choice. The glass top protects the freshness of your seafood, and, the double insulated foam proctects your ice from melting away in no time. TIEN TIEN KITCHEN EQUIPMENT FISH SHOWCASE WITH GLASS SLIDING TOP guarantee quality product, entirely made in Malaysia with adjustable stainless steel bullet feet ensures sturdy working environment, and could be simply be transported using a pickup 4x4. We are also able to customize the sizes according to your needs. 

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