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SNW Chest Freezer (Flat Glass Slanting Sliding Lid) BD(W)-100GT

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Features Of BD(W)-100GT SNOW Chest Freezer


Product Description

External Dimension (W x D x H)550mm x 570mm x 830mm
Internal Dimension (W x D x H)415mm x 435mm x 435mm
Packaging Dimension (W x D x H)580mm x 630mm x 870mm
Total Capacity 100 Liters
Weight Net / Gross (Kg)27kg / 30.5 kg
Input Power (W)100 watts
Power Consumption 1.89 kWh/24h
Temperature Range at ambient Temperature of 30 degree celcius< -18 degree celcius
Basket Capacity  2 


1. Circular cabinet and beautiful figure
2. Economical, poweful and long lasting
3. Applicable for storage ice-cream and refrigerating beverage in store and grocery

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