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Dimension (D x W x H )24.44” x 26” x 52.38” (620mm x 660mm x 1330mm)
No. of pieces30
Weight of dough pieces, ounces / grams1.06-3.52 oz. (30-100 g)
Dough weight, ounces / grams31.75-105.82 oz. (900-3000 g)
Power0.55 kW / 0.75 HP
Weight628.31 lbs (285 kg)

Powerline offers a superior quality divider / rounder that frees you from the
task of dividing and rounding dough by hand, making it faster, easier and
simpler. Better yet, you will be assured of uniformity of dough weight and
shape every time. These dividers / rounders are ideal for pies, rolls, tortillas,
pizzas, breads and much more.
• Available in 15, 22, 30 & 36 pieces
• Stainless steel knifes
• POMC Press (avoid rusting the knives, lighter therefore more ergonomic)
• Bottom frame in carbon steel with stainless steel legs all coated on the
  outside with epoxy
• Upper frame cast iron, epoxy coated
• 3 x Dough rounding plate in food grade PVC
• No oil bath systems
• Wheel-mounted machine with rubber pads to absorb the vibration
• Auto lubricated shafts - no need of lubrication on the shafts
• Optional DSA series (DSA 315, DSA 322, DSA 330, DSA 336 and
   DSA 354) has removable and interchangeable heads

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