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Overall dimensions (D x W x H)40.35” x 106.3“ x 46.06” / 1025mm x 2700mm x 1170mm
Belt dimensions23.62” x 106.30” / 600mm x 2700mm
Net weight548.95 lbs (249 kg)

Powerline reversible dough sheeters are designed for
hotels, restaurants, pastry shops and small to high
production bakeries. These sheeters are suitable for
sheeting and stretching any kind of dough; yeast,
croissants, puffed pastries, danish, flaky pastries,
savory dough, soft pastry dough as well as stiff pizza
or other kinds of dough of required thickness. These
sheeters are designed to ensure the highest degree
of performance and efficiency you expect from

• Tables in S/S
• Four container and flour tray in S/S
• Foldable and removable tables (easier to change belts, clean and store)
• 2 roll pins in POMC
• Pedal in LMA series
• 2 joysticks
• Frame in carbon steel coated (no plastic elements)
• Cylinders in S/S
• Gap between cylinders is 40mm
• Other table lengths available

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