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QuickBeat Commercial Ice Cube Maker

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Features of QuickBeat Commercial Ice Cube Maker

If you’re looking to open a bar or restaurant, you need the right machine. Your best choices are going to be ones which meet the minimum energy performance standards for Australia (established in the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4865.3:2008) and defined by maximum energy consumption per 100kg of ice. Getting a high-efficiency machine will save you money in the long run.

Here are other things you should consider before investing:

How much ice do you need?
We prefer to start with the capacity that you’ll need. This is measured by the weight of the ice. To determine this, estimate the amount of ice that you use for each customer or patron (in kilograms) and multiply by the number of patrons that you have on average, plus any ice you use for buffet bars. Double that number and you’ll have enough ice to keep up with current demands, and have room to grow.

The next thing to do is to take a look at the type of ice you’ll need.

What type of ice do you need?

Full cube and half cube ice
These are your standard ice cubes that you’ll see in standard bars and restaurants. They are harder cubes, difficult to chew, but they melt more slowly than the other types of ice out there.  This is the type of ice that you’ll quite often find in the huge bins under bars. The slow melt time prevents drinks from being watered down too quickly.

Nuggets and top hat ice
Nugget ice is that crunchy ice that you’ll find in some bars and at convenience stores. It’s often referred to as crushed ice, as some of the nuggets appear to not be fully formed. This type of ice is a hit in frozen drinks because it gives you something substantial to chew safely. Top hat ice is cylindrical and shaped like well, top hats. It’s chewable as well since the centres are hollow.

Gourmet ice
Gourmet ice machines are especially popular in the bar scene.  They don’t make that much ice when compared to their other ice making companions, but they make different shapes and styles of ice.

Flake ice

Flake ice is used in the hospitality industry due to its safety, but mostly for packing down buffets and chilling things. It could, however, be used very nicely for alcoholic snow cones and specialty functions. The ice you see in store fish displays is flake ice.

Air cooled or water cooled?
On the whole, air-cooled ice machines will be your best choice. The water-cooled ones are great for very specific circumstances, but they usually come with a higher price tag and are inefficient with their water usage unless you get a closed loop system.

Under the counter, on the counter, or stand alone?
Under the counter machines are self-contained units that you’ll find in bars and places where there is very little clearance. These types of machines are placed for convenience so that the bartender doesn’t have to run around to the back to get ice all the time.

Countertop ice machines are used in self-service situations, whether at a buffet-style restaurant or places that are more casual. They can also be found at service stations with soda dispensers. These countertop machines, like their under-counter counterparts, are low volume machines.

Stand alone makers can be seen in larger commercial settings. When you need a lot of ice for everyday use, these are where you turn. Most machines require a little bit of room, but if they are well maintained, they’ll last a very long time. A standard hotel ice machine is an example of a stand-alone maker.

Choosing the best ice machine for your needs requires that you take a look at the amount of ice you’ll need, the type of ice, and where you’re going to put the machine. In every hospitality situation, there’s an ice machine which can satisfy your needs. 

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