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Popcorn Machine

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Features of Popcorn Machine

1: Rated voltage 220V 

2: the frequency of 50Hz 

3: the rated power of 1300W 

4: the insulation resistance of not less than 2MΩ 

5: the element leakage current less than 0.75mA 

6: the element voltage test 1500V 

7: pot heater 850W 

8: the pot temperature of 230 ± 10Celsius

9: thermostat 75W 

10: dimensions: 580 * 420 * 740mm 

11: Packing: Wooden 

14: Net Weight: 23KG

15:Capacity: 8 Ounce

16:Yield:native 3 minutes per pot, automatic mixing.

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