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RM 16,650.00


Capacity40 Quarts
Power1.5 HP
Gear / beltBelt
transmission220V / 380V
Voltage (60 Hz / 50 Hz)Yes
Safety GuardYes
Hub Attachment750 mm x 650 mm
Dimensionsx 1311 mm / 29.5”
(D x W x H)x 25.5” x 51.5”
Net weight551 lbs / 250 kg
Shipping weight650 Ibs / 295 kg

Heavy-duty mixers are designed to operate safely and efficiently under heavy work conditions.
These mixers are built to the safety standards of CE, utilizing stainless steel safety guards and
emergency stop buttons. The hardened alloy gear transmission is virtually silent, yet powerful
enough to keep up with peak demands. Our gears are 25% greater in size than those of competitive
All PM models use 3 speed high-torque transmissions with the exception of heavy duty PM-80,
which comes with a 4 speed transmission.
Powerline mixers are all equipped with a wire whip, batter beater, and dough hook as standard
equipment, as well as a standard hub attachment. The hub enables these units to power the PLM
mincer and PLV vegetable slicer attachments (optional accessories).

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