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OT/IG04 TIEN TIEN Gas Infrared BBQ Griller 1280 X 600 X 200MM (FS034)

RM 1,799.00 RM 1,999.00



Dimension1280 X 600 X 200MM
Gas Pressure 2800 Pa
Grill Area1245 x 425mm
MaterialStainless Steel


  1. Suitable for grilling various seafood, steaks, or sata, that requires bigger space of BBQ coverage
  2. Provides even heat distribution through the using infrared burners
  3. Each infrared burners can be controlled individually depending on usage
  4. Minimize the hassle of using charcoal thereby reducing set up time
  5. Portable and easy to carry to anywhere
  6. Stainless steel build, therefore able to withstand long term use

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