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OMS Double Tank Juice Dispenser SL003-2S

RM 3,229.00
Capacity of the container12L / piece
Heating power1.1 kW
Power0.27 kW
Voltage240v - 50Hz
Refrigeration rated / Temperature320 w / 8 °C ~ 11 °C (The parameters are of normal temperature, it is different from region to region)
Dimension (L x W x H)500 x 400 x 685 mm
Weight35 kg


  • Container is made from shot-proof plastic.
  • Convenient to detach for cleaning and at the two sides of the container there are precise dosage marks.
  • Adopts strong and magnetic spraying pump.
  • Uses the imported compressor for refrigeration.
  • It has the equipment for cold and hot drinking
  • The electric heater adopts the safe and dependable element of latest contrivance.

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