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Ice Pack Gel


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Machine dimensions (W x D x H)415 mm x 875 mm x 835 mm (17.52” x 34.45” x 32.87”)
Shipping dimensions (W x D x H)550 mm x 1030 mm x 970 mm (21.65” x 40.55” x 38.19”)
Oil capacity48L (89 lbs)
Net weight57Kg (125.66 lbs)
Gross weight71Kg (156.53 lbs)

• Stainless steel oil tank
• Outer thermal insulation material Buna N, food hygiene standard and is
   FDA recommended
• Single wire braid prevents kinking
• Oil & heat resistant
• Space saving design including casters
• Operating temperature: 325°F (163°C) continuous and 400°F (204°C) intermittent
• Working pressure 100 psi, burst pressure 1,000 psi
• Utilizes fitter paper 440 x 343 mm

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