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MEIKO K200M Rack Type Dishwasher

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This rack-type dishwashing machine offers a single wash tank construction with washing capacity of 200 baskets per hour. Superior cleaning quality with low cost, minimum space requirements, heated with electricity, high quality and economic version, specially made for the hotels and restaurants.

The machine can also be fitted with a waste air extraction duct and fan. This ensures proper extraction of waste air into an existing air duct system or into an exhaust hood. A waste air heat recovery unit with a generous 60 m2 cooling surface provides major energy savings.  This offers a big drop in your heating energy costs as well as reducing the total connected load and operating costs. 



Technical data - K 200 M

K 200 M

Technical data
Throughput130-200 baskets/h
Wash pump rating*1.7 kW/h
Pump throughput1020 l/min.
Tank heating13.9 kW/h
Tank capacity90 l
Final rinse water360 l/h
Rinse booster pump rating0.55 kW
Exhaust fan ratingoption
Boiler rating**16.7 kW/h
Total connected load** (drying not included)33.03 kW/h
Machine length (without dryer)1550 mm
Width510 mm
Height450 mm

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