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MEIKO H-500 Hood Type Dishwasher (HD025)

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Features of Hood Type Dishwasher

The powerful dishwasher that is used in IKEA, airports and big franchises is here. The automatic start-up on our UPster® H means it cleans with full convenience as well as full power. Wave goodbye to clouds of steam and poor air quality in the scullery with the power package. Instead, make space for serving dishes, large plates and trays in the dishwasher with a passing height of 440 mm. What more could you want?

The optional AirBox AktivAir won't let the steam escape!

  • Centralised vapour management
  • Keeps steam away from machine operators
  • Built-in condensate drain
  • Steam extraction initiated by dishwashing programme
  • Continues running for specified time after programme finishes
  • No filter technology = maintenance free

Let's get going!

Operating the machine is easy with the wraparound handle – press once more to start the programme.

The UPster H 500 is a pass through restaurant dishwasher that not only pampers the wash ware, but also its operators! Vapours upon opening are a thing of the past. Clearly arranged and readily understandable symbols ease operation. Anyone who touches this restaurant dishwasher feels what he has in his hand: Machine and hood are double walled - at no extra cost.

Large wash ware such as large plates, platters or trays are no problem for the UPster H 500 pass through dishwasher. They easily fit in without much fuss, no tilting and juggling – and are perfectly clean.


Massbild UPster H

Height1470 mm
Total height with hood open2050 mm
Width635 (687) mm
Depth750 (850) mm
Entry height440 mm
Rack dimensions500 x 500 (540 x 500) mm
Technical data
Programme cycle90/150/240 s *
Theoretical rack capacity40/24/15 baskets/h
Water consumption3 l/baskets
Tank content22 l
Total connected load8.9 kW
Fuse20 A
Feed water temperaturemax. 60°C

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