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LAINOX Boiler Combination Oven NAEB201R

RM 92,009.00
Capacity20 x 1/1 GN
Distance between layers↕ 63 mm
Total electric power31.8 kW
Gas versions nominal heating output (kW / kcal)- / -
Chamber heating output (kW / kcal)30 / -
Steam heating output (kW / kcal)30 / -
Fan power1.8 kW
Power supply voltage3N-AC 400V
Consumption60 amp
External dimensions (L x W x H)960 x 825 x 1810 mm
Packing dimensions (L x W x H)1130 x 1050 x 2060 mm
Net weight330 kg
Gross weight420 kg
  • Standard equipment
    • Automatic cleaning system LCS - supplied with 1 liquid cleanser cartridge cdl05 - 990 gr
    • Cal-out descaling system for models with boiler - supplied with anti-scale product
    • Multipoint core probe ø 3 mm
    • Built-in and retractable hand shower with tap
    • Wi-Fi connection
    • USB connection
    • Side runners
  • Cooking modes

    • ICS (interactive cooking system), an automatic cooking system for Italian and international recipes
    • Manual cooking with three cooking modes and instant cooking start:
      • convection from 30°C to 300°C
      • steam from 30°C to 130°C
      • combination convection + steam from 30°C to 300°C
    • Possibility to programme and save cooking methods in an automatic sequence (up to 15 cycles)
    • Multilevel and jit mode
  • Nabook Wi-Fi connectivity

    • Direct access from cooking device to recipe database, with optional download
    • Synchronisation of devices connected to the same account
    • HACCP monitoring
    • Remote service
    • Software update
  • Operation

    • Display that can be configured based on the user’s needs, bringing forward the programmes used most
    • Automatic “one touch” cooking (ICS)
    • Intelligent recognition of recipes in multilevel folders
    • Scroller plus knob with scroll and push function for confirming choices
  • Control mechanisms

    • Auto reverse (automatic reverse of fan rotation) for perfect cooking uniformity
    • Automatic parallel compartment and core temperature control, delta T system
    • Automatically regulated steam condensation
    • Ability to choose up to 6 fan speeds
      • the first 3 speeds automatically trigger a reduction in heating power
      • for special cooking methods, you can use an intermittent speed
    • Possibility of setting device switch-off at the end of the automatic wash program
    • LED cooking chamber lighting
  • Construction

    • Stainless steel 18/10 AISI 304 of 1 mm cooking compartment with long radius rounded corners for a perfect cleaning
    • Door with double tempered glass
    • Internal glass that folds to open for easy cleaning
    • Handle with left or right hand opening
    • Adjustable hinge for optimal seal
    • Deflector that can be opened for easy fan compartment cleaning
    • IPX5 protection against water splashes
    • Oven drain with built-in air gap
    • Two water inlets (soft and cold water)
  • Steam generator

    • AISI 304 fully insulated steam generator
    • Alarm in case of boiler de-scaling required
    • Boiler semi-automatic de-scaling program
    • CALOUT system to prevent scale build-up within the boiler, as standard
  • Safety features

    • Cooking compartment safety thermostat
    • Cooking compartment safety device for pressure built-up and depression
    • Fan motor thermic protection
    • Magnetic door switch
    • Lack of water displayed alarm
    • Self-diagnosis and fault display
    • Component cooling system with overheat display control
    • Boiler safety thermostat
    • Boiler water level probes
    • Boiler probe to check boiler completely empty
  • WarrantyOne Year Manufacturing Defect
  • Product OriginItaly

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