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IDEAL Beverages Slush Machine

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Features of Ideal Beverages Slush Machine

Product Description

Contemporary and perfect hydromechanical structure design, ensuring no any residual in the bowl! 

Lighting beverage bowl cover makes it with fashion and elegant demeanour! Intelligent software control, never freezing!

Features: The symbol of high performance for long-life! Always available for the purpose of extra-ordinary reliability!


Electrical supply: 220V-240V/110V-120V 50Hz / 60Hz  Suitable for all locations in different height above sea levels.

Power: 1400W

Capacity: 15L*2

Net Weight: 45kg

Dimension (mm): H820*W420*D520

Unique beverage making function: making slush or iced drink, multifunctional dispenser!

Can make slush or iced drink for single bowl, 

or make slush and iced drink separately for two bowls at the same time. 

Mixer blocking protection function is available. 

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