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IDEAL Beverages Juice Dispenser Corolla 3S

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Features of Beverages Juice Dispenser Corolla

Product Description

Name:Bag-in-Box Concentrated Juice Dispenser
Model:Corolla 3S

At the push of a button, in the blink of an eye, whenever you want, Corolla 3S bag-in-box juice dispenser is designed to dispense, instantly, 3 different types of cold fresh juice drinks by mixing water with concentrated fresh juices, such as juices with pulps.
Corolla 3S can house standard-sized canisters and /or boxed bags of concentrated fresh juice with a maximum capacity of 15 litres.
A large number of cold fresh juice drinks can be dispensed and it is particularly suitable for the locations where a large numbers of people need juice drinks within short time, such as at buffet breakfasts in big hotels, holiday resorts, discos and anywhere that caters for communal living, electronic dosing system guarantees a precise concentration fresh juice products; the volume of water or concentrate juices can be changed electronically, which means the Corolla 3S could be set perfectly for the right demands.
It offers quantificational & non-quantificational drinks by manual mode & automatic mode.
Excellent and unique cooling system makes dispensing drinks never stop!
Noblest and glaring lighting panel satisfies the demands of brand promotion perfectly.
Self-refrigeration function makes concentrated juice keep fresh for very long time!
Separate cold water button serves you cold water and provides various options in hot seasons.

Capacity per Each Flavor
Dimensions  H* W*D
Net Weight
 Mixing speed
Corolla 3S
Max LT. 10
55 Kg
R134 a

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