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[DEMO SET] GINO GM822 Coffee Maker Machine (Taiwan Made)

RM 12,800.00

Features of GINO Coffee Maker Machine


Coffee Machine

Unlike most popular Italian made coffee machine, GINO is truly a undiscovered Taiwan-made gem that has impressed many popular cafes in Australia & Indonesia. Read here:

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  1. Patent safety electronic water level display and boiler water level auto detection system: High water level and abnormal water feeding will be alarmed automatically; safety is guaranteed.
  2. Patent movable cup rack: make Espresso, Latte or to-go coffee easily.
  3. Brewing head automatic cleaning, not only convenient but practical.
  4. Pre-infusion function that makes coffee more concentrated.
  5. The heater is designed with protection against heating without water.
  6. Pump featured anti-idling function.
  7. Water flow auto detection.
  8. Extended milk foam Steam pipe which is suitable for either small or large pitchers.


  1. Two group
  2. Boiler:12.5 Lt.
  3. Heater:4000W
  4. Voltage:220V & 240V 50/60 Hz
  5. Size:76cm*53cm*56cm‭(‬W*D*H‭)‬

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