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Frozen Beverage Dispenser / Slushie Machine

RM 7,980.00

Features of Beverage Dispenser Machine

This double bowl slushie dispenser is an ideal option for serving your best slushies, smoothies, frozen cocktails, and more! With single-sided, lighted graphics, this granita dispenser offers optimum merchandising effects to increase impulse sales. Additionally, an adjustable slush mode allows you to set the consistency of your granita beverage from frozen to liquids, like iced coffees, lemonade, and other juices. With two 2.5 gallon bowls, showcasing multiple frozen beverage flavors and accommodating high volume consumer traffic has never been easier! 

This double bowl granita dispenser features a freeze-up monitoring system which prevents motor-burn-out, allowing the dual surface freezing chambers to quickly and efficiently freeze and chill products. Plus, the suction cup compression seal system acts as a barrier between the granita product and vital gear motors, preventing product leakage and speeding-up defrost cycles. For added durability and longevity, the auger shaft is constructed of stainless steel to prevent time-consuming maintenance and replacement parts. The 24 hour programmable defrost timer allows you to plan defrost cycles so that you can decrease downtime and maximize sales.

The slushie dispenser requires a 115V electrical connection. 

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 14 1/4"
Depth: 18 1/2"
Height: 27 3/4"
Capacity: 5 gallon / appx: 9L

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