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faor c-e741

FAGOR Electric Cooker With Oven Model C-E941

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  • Pressed surface tops manufactured in 2.0 mm thk AISI-304 stainless steel
  • Designed to prevent liquid split from pans from pentering into the cooker
  • Laser-cuts joints and automatic welding.Hidden screws
  • Hot plates manufactured with 300 x 300mm cast iron, with 4kw of power
  • Power regulation via selector with 7 positions
  • Protection against overheating for each plate
  • Interior fan to lower temparature of the components
  • Funnelled surface with rounded corners for easy cleaning
  • Access to the components from the front
  • Easy connection and compliant with health standards
  • Mchines with IPX5 grade water protection
  • Static electric oven with dimensions GN2/1
  • EN_C-E941_19075509 - catalog

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