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[SALE] OT/KB02 Gas Doner Shawarma/Kebab/Corn Griller TTSCX206C3

RM 568.00

Features of Gas Doner Griller OT/OT61





  1. Double heating element to speed up the cooking process for a evenly grilled shawerma or kebab
  2. Simple operation, easily clean
  3. Built in drip tray keeps machine clean and mess-free.
  4. The new system also means the motor is inbuilt, eliminating motor exposure to heat. That is the main cause of motor failure.
  5. Non slip feet to elevate the machine for air circulation of the motor and easy cleaning to increase hygiene.Direct drive shaft on bearings.
  6. Innovative swiveling unit is adjustable and can rotate automatically.

General Warning:
Any refitting, incorrect installation, adjustment and maintenance may cause poverty    damage or personal injury. Please contact the supplier if user needs to adjust or maintain it, all these should be performance by trained special professionals.
For your safety, do not store or use any flammable liquid, gas or other objects around the product.
The housing of this machine must be grounded well for safety.

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