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CAMBRO Cam Gobox Insulated Carrier Front Loader EPP300

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1. Thermal insulation - holds hot or cold food for many hours.
2. Lightweight - made of EPP ( Expanded Polypropylene) - an eco-friendly. high performance foam material.
3. Great structural strength - capable of handling significant loads while maintaining its shape and foam.
4. Excellent energy absorption - can withstand substantial impact without damage.
5. Chemically inert - unaffected by oil, grease, and most chemicals.
6. Dishwasher safe.
7. CFC-free
8. 100% recyclable
9. Line Cam GoBox with a Cambro Gn Food Pan and Seal Cover for the ultimate food safety solution. Cambro GN pans protect food and carrier to support HACCP

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  • Product OriginUnited States

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