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Power1/2 HP capacitor start at a speed of 1725 RPM 6 Amps
Bowl14” (356 mm) diameter, polished, die drawn, 304 stainless

steel, 1:16 Ratio driven at 24 RPM with “O” Ring Belt Pulley

reduction with 45:1 Worm Gear reduction
Housing and bowl coverCast Aluminum, Polished and anodized
Cord and plug3-wire, 16 gauge, 5ft (1524mm) long SJT cord with 3 prong

molded plug
Net weight / Shipping weight82 lbs (37 kg) / 91 lbs (41 kg)
Dimensions (D x W x H)18” x 28“ x 16” (457 mm x 711 mm x 406 mm)
Safety features1. Bowl cover interlock prevents running when cover is not

closed and locked

2. Bowl sensing switch prevents operating without bowl

Designed for volume production of numerous food preparation tasks.
Twin stainless steel knives make 3,500 cuts per minute of products
that vary from parsley and root vegetables to meat, cheese and bread.
The stainless steel bowl revolves at 24 RPM and the more the product
passes the knives the finer the cut. The BC-14 is also excellent for
spreads, dips and salads.
The BC-18 with twin stainless steel knives that make 3,768 cuts per
minute. Cut products that vary from parsley and root vegetables to
meat, cheese and bread as coarse or fine as you like. The stainless
steel bowl revolves at 22 RPM, so the longer the product stays in, the
finer the cut. The workhorse of a unit also features a built-in #12 PTO
hub. Attach optional equipment such as VS9 shredder and grater unit
to make coleslaw or grate cheese. Also available ALMFC12 meat and
food chopper to grind hamburger, pork or make sausages.

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