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Table Top Deep Fryer (Ayam Gunting) (FS046)

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Features of Table Top Deep Fryer


Gas heating, desktop frying machine does not occupy space, temperature control, suitable for all kinds of fried food.

Desktop gas fryers -. DHH-150 drip pan
Drip pan

Desktop gas fryers -. DHH-150 Oil fishing
Oil fishing

Desktop frying machine, gas fryer
Desktop suitable for general use of small shops, small size, less space, less fuel consumption, cost savings, heating tube directly in the tank, the province aging rate, can be used for fried chicken, food stalls, restaurants and other special fried machine. Accessories drip pan * 1 * 1 oil fishing, all the parts can be added purchase order, such as fried installed in large indoor or soot, the installation of a suitable, exhaust volume, high-quality hood. Fuel gas, can also be used Tianranwasi, to inform at a single time. Zidongkongzhi oil temperature, temperature up to 200 degrees. With the oil filter can be used to filter diesel, cooking oil to extend the service life. The whole machine is made in Taiwan, best quality, spacious Secretary Jie all products have one year warranty, please rest assured purchase !! Welcome to the store to make an appointment to see the real machine. !!


1. stainless steel.
2. The hood can be installed
3. Gas heating, can also be used Tianranwasi.
4. frying temperature adjustable temperature up to 200 degrees.
5. easy to clean.
6. Small size, less space, less fuel consumption and cost savings.
7. The oil drip pan and fishing Jieke single buy.


Size: L420 * W500 * H420 m / m
NW: 15kgs

Size: L500 * W500 * H420 m / m
NW: 17kgs


Usage: all kinds of fried food ... and so on.


瓦斯加熱, 桌上型油炸機不佔空間, 溫度可控制, 適合油炸各式食物。

桌上型瓦斯油炸機 - DHH-150. 滴油盤


桌上型瓦斯油炸機 - DHH-150. 油撈


桌上型油炸機, 瓦斯油炸機

桌上型適合一般小店家使用, 體積小,不佔空間,用油量少,節省成本, 加熱管直接在油槽加熱,省時效率高, 可用於炸雞排、小吃攤、餐廳等專用油炸機。配件滴油盤*1.油撈*1, 所有零件階可加購, 如油炸裝於室內或油煙量大, 可加裝合適、排煙量大、高品質的排油煙機。燃料為瓦斯, 也可使用天然瓦斯, 於下單時告知即可。油溫可自動控制, 溫度可達200多度。可搭配濾油機使用,可過濾油渣,延長食油使用壽命。全機為台灣製造, 品質最優, 敝司所有產品皆有一年保固, 請放心購買!! 歡迎來電預約到店面看實機。!!


1. 不鏽鋼製。
2. 可加裝排油煙機
3. 瓦斯加熱, 也可使用天然瓦斯。
4. 油炸溫度可調整, 溫度可達200度。
5. 清洗容易。
6. 體積小、不佔空間,用油量少,節省成本。
7. 滴油盤和油撈皆可單買。


尺寸: L420* W500* H420 m/m
淨重: 15kgs

尺寸: L500* W500* H420 m/m
淨重: 17kgs



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