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RM 2,189.00
ModelCDA 1003
Power Rating (230V/50Hz)1.9kW
Packed Weight (kg)16
Dimension (LxWxH) (mm)346 x 681 x 596
Complies with SpecSABS IEC 60335


1. Carving Station: A custom designed Stainless Steel perforated, spiked tray is supplied to allow for carving of products
2. Dry Heat Bain Marie: The bottom element coupled to the full sized 65mm gastronorm insert allow food to be heated
3. Chip Dump: A specially designed perforated chip tray is supplied to ensure that the chips are not damaged when scooping them from the tray. Also acts as a drip tray preventing the product from becoming soggy


1. The lamp mounted on the unit ensures that in all configurations, the product can be displayed effectively
2. Heating system provides uniform heat over the entire heating surface

Additional Information

  • Model               CDA 1003
  • Brand                Anvil
  • Energy              TypeElectric
  • Size                  (LxWxH) mm346 x 681 x 596
  • Warranty          One Year Manufacturing Defect
  • Product            OriginSouth Africa

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