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OT/OT91 TIEN TIEN 10 Slot Egg Roll Sausage Maker Machine Gas (Sosej Telur Viral) (FS003)

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Product description:


                         Egg hotdog roll 
Tube size32*180mm
MaterialStainless steel

Preparation Method:

1. Mix egg & your desired condiments into a bowl

2. Whisk all ingredients togather


3. Insert cooking oil into the machine

4. Insert egg mixture 30-50% full

5. Wait for the egg roll to magically appear


6. Serve your egg roll hot and ready to be eaten on the go



Egg Roll Maker Hotdog Machine Egg Roll machine for Sale

Demonstration Video:


1. Periodic clean the machine. Before you do this you must turn off the power.

2.Slip board of bottom mold and  another drive position must be put on lube . The way of clean knife: first plug up the drain hole using the cotton, and than put the hot water totrough of bottom mold until filled. Then push on it to the end, using handle push down the top mold to the lowest. After that dip in knife a few minute until it is cleaned. Repeat it a few times.

Operation Instruction :

1 . Make assure the safety before using .

Before using check each joint of the gas pipe whether leakage. And then can use without gas leakage .

2 . Switch ignition .

Repeat rotating ignition switch through the bottom of the circular observation hole until the ignition is successful.

3 . Preheating

When the ignition is successful , turn the knob to the “ON” Position , and then put the cleaned container components into the main body for preheating . ( This process is about 1 min . )

4 . Put oil and food

Dipping some cooking oil around the inside and few drops to the bottom of the frying tube with the distribution brush. ( Note : when the product used in initial, the wall of the frying tube lack of oil , it can be dipped the cooking oil with cleaned distribution brush , smear it up and down inside of the frying tube )

5 . Close gas supply and clean

When finished frying and will not use this product , should cut off the power immediately by the gas valve , clean until the product and components cooled down .

Warning Tips :

1 . Each ignition time must be less than 10 seconds to avoid the explosion caused by excessive gas concentration in the main body .

2 . In initial frying , you need to increase the amount of cooking oil to make the food better rise from the frying tube .

3 . Too much oil or less will cause the food to be unable to rise .

4 . When frying , if the food can not be raised , you can insert a randomly presented egg opener to the  bottom around the wall of the frying tube , rotate it and then can remove it .

5 . When frying not for all holes at the same time , to avoid the dry heat , add a little water on the spare frying tube . When you need fry it again , use a random sponge brush to absord the water and then frying. ( Note : the tube drying time should not exceed 5 minutes. )

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