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BKR Fine Cutter TQ5

RM 3,200.00

Features of BKR Fine Cutter

Product description

Stock Code:880714005
Description:Power: 0.37kW
Rating Input Power: 0.6kW
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Productivity: 120kg/hr
Dimension: (525 x 420 x 540)mm
Net weight: 62kg

This fine cutter is meant to cut meat into emulsion-like texture. Also known as mesin bakso among the Indonesian customers.

The main difference between a bowl cutter and meat mincer is the final texture of the meat. If you are looking to finely cut your meat into paste/emulsion like texture, opt of a bowl cutter. 

A fine cutter is also an option to consider for those who would like to have more control on the final texture.

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