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SS/OT31 TIEN TIEN Designer Vegetable Showcase

RM 580.00

Features of Stainless Steel Two Tier Trolley

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Additional features, overhead price tag, plastic rollers could be added.

Materials: Stainless Steel SUS304 & SUS430

Made in Malaysia. Quality assured! Wooden panels are not used in designing this TIEN TIEN Designer Vegetable Showcase because we understand how it will wear off easily in wet market condition. Therefore, we use wooden-like aluminum panels instead. 

Let us know if you need customized your vegetable showcase rack according to your size or color. 

Showcase your product beautifully! The practical sturdy design of stainless steel material will be used in the inner display and also build of the display build. Therefore you need not to worry wet floors and heavy duty usage in your shop. As for the aesthetic feature of the carpentry wood work could be customized according to your supermarket, mini mart or sundry shop themes.

With the increasing aesthetic interior design of modern contemporary supermarket, mini market or even sundry shops in Malaysia, we understand the display needs of modern retailers. Thereby, we are introducing new design which incorporate soft nature wooden design & industrial yet practical feature of stainless steel design in modern display racking.

Call us today, and let us work togather how best to display and work according to your desired budget. 

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