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Electrical specification230V / 50Hz
Total power2.8 KW
Pump power0.30 HP
Electric absorption12.5 A
Boiler heating element2500W
Tank resistance2500W
Boiler capacity3.5 lit
Tank capacity17 lit
Water pressure2-5 bar
Water Consumption per cycle2-2.5 lit
Dishwasher dimensions470 x 510 x 710 mm
Basket dimensions400 x 400 mm
Length of cycle120 Sec
Net weight / gross weight38 Kg / 41 Kg
Water connection3/4”
Draining pipe ø29 - 34
Stainless steel cabinet18/8 A ISI 304
Package dimensions490 x 590 x 870 mm

Every Powerline machine uses geometrically-perfect fixed-arms washing system
(square system for square baskets) which provides a washing quality impossible
to find in other machines. A Powerline washing system guarantees complete
coverage of the basket interior including the four corners because of its fixed
arms with sprinkle-type jets positioned all over the wash tank, which spread water
in a spiral movement ensuring total coverage of the wash area. Since the jets
does not move, every one of them sends water to its intended area during every
single second of the wash cycle. It’s a non-stop washing system.

• Door opening 32 cm
• Double skin door
• Potential connection for draining pump
• Stainless steel wash and rinse system
   on top and bottom of the tank
• Stainless steel tank AISI/304 1mm
• Waterproof IP 44 pump

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